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Mass Effect

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New Red vs. Blue Episode

Can someone tell me how to stop crying? Please?

Headspace fanfic

I was half asleep last night and had an idea. 

I was half asleep tonight, and wrote it. I am sorry.

Hanging out in the Headspace

Stuff happens, I'm tiredCollapse )

Portal Fanfic Challenge

001. Rain 002. Mirror 003. Sanctuary 004. Imagination 005. Spirit
006. Resign 007. Abnormal 008. Vision 009. Heaven 010. Hell
011. Underground 012. Soul 013. Crystal 014. Sunrise 015. Disgust
016. Improvise 017. Weakness 018. Bent 019. Analyse 020. Glare
021. Speed 022. Violence 023. Everything 024. Indifference 025. Roam
026. Psychosis 027. Dark 028. Twisted 029. Attic 030. Contain
031. Monster 032. Return 033. Without 034. Unnatural 035. Doctor
036. Spin 037. Beam 038. Honesty 039. Slash 040. Online
041. Misunderstood 042. Prevail 043. Inconceivable 044. Endanger 045. Stare
046. Supernatural 047. Deep 048. Sarcastic 049. Limit 050. Writers' Choice

I hate this new layout.



Oh. Pryvit, didn't hear you come in..

How do you celebrate Independence Day in your country?

....that's a very good question.

You see, all nations of the world of course celebrate America's Independence Day. Because of course, everyone knows that everyone in the world celebrates the some holidays as the Americans. Oh Christmas time in Israel, what fun times they have.

Now, here in Canada we celebrate the American Independence day by dressing in red and weeping for extended periods of time. This is to signify our link to the former British Empire. Which we were still a part of at the time.

After that we go to the border and throw snowballs at all the Americans who try to cross. This is our way of remembering the Invasion of Canada in 1775, when you lovely people tried to take our land as well. Ahaha, weren't those good times.

And then finally. We create elaborate models of the white house that we then burn while singing French-Canadian battle hymms.. It really is a stirring sight.

I'm that girl with the glasses saying, there's no such thing as a stupid question until you ask it."

[In all seriousness, really? Worst worded question ever. And for the record I didn't do much for Canada day. Hung out with parents and went out for supper.]

Canada Day

 Happy Canada Day! 


X-Men First Class

 Alright went to see this movie with my dad. Now.  Before I say anything else. I liked this movie. I did. Not as much as the first two, but better then Origins and a HELL of a lot better then the one-that-shall-not-be-named. And I'll be saying some of the things that I liked about it here. 

However I have to get a few ...glaring things out of the way first.  ...*deep breathe*  ....alright let's do this. 

I am a total fangirl Collapse )

I love AI

Everyone needs to go play You find yourself in a room because it is creepy and AI are great. I love creepy AI just so much. Also I figured the entire thing out without cheating once! This is a rare thing!  No really. There's just something I love about AI. In fact let's list off some awesome AI and what makes them so great.
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