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X-Men First Class

 Alright went to see this movie with my dad. Now.  Before I say anything else. I liked this movie. I did. Not as much as the first two, but better then Origins and a HELL of a lot better then the one-that-shall-not-be-named. And I'll be saying some of the things that I liked about it here. 

However I have to get a few ...glaring things out of the way first.  ...*deep breathe*  ....alright let's do this. 

1. Why did you make the nazi who tortured Magneto a mutant?  I thought the entire idea was that Magneto learned how horrible humans are from him. That this HUMAN was the one who caused so much pain and suffering, and was one of the things that showed him how HUMANS would never accept mutants because they can't even accept each other. Turning this person into a mutant just makes it really stupid and makes Magneto look like a hypocrite. Which, you know, could have been handled much, much better and less heavy handed. 
2. What the fuck happened to Dr. Moira MacTaggert? No seriously WHAT.THE.FUCK.HAPPENED.TO.HER? Why is she suddenly working for the CIA? Why isn't she Scottish? On a side note, oy Banshie, not sounding very Scottish either. But really? Why did they decide she wasn't a doctor anymore? Why is she suddenly working for the American Government. Why did you wipe her mind? WHAT DID YOU DO TO HER MARVEL?

3. Empowerment. Really? That's the reason Mystique walks around naked? Um....you know...she "technically" walks around naked normally, but she MAKES HER BODY HAVE CLOTHES. You know, it would have been a whole lot more meaningful if the "Empowerment" was just her normal appearance. Like, you shouldn't have to hide your natural form by appearing as something else. THERE. Empowerment. WHAT THE FUCK DOES NOT WEARING CLOTHES HAVE TO DO WITH ANYTHING?

Oh, I noticed the red mutant got to keep his clothes by the way? What, isn't he "empowered?" too?

4. The X-Men characters could have been a lot more developed. I mean, when Dragonfly lady ran off and Darwin died I'm like...okay I should be betrayed and sad....Um there was no character development to show us why Dragonfly girl ran off....anything? And Darwin, total "shock value" kill.
Okay, that's not totally true. But we didn't have much connection with him that much either. 

5. WHAT THE HELL DID YOU DO TO EMMA FROST? This is the White Queen. When the guy told her to go get ice...I just turned to my dad and was like...."What the hell? That's Emma Frost! You do NOT tell fucking Emma Frost to go get ice!" and then...nope, nothing about that ever mentioned again. She was a side character. What the Hell Marvel? 

Okay, now onto things I liked. 

1. "They're just following orders" Oh my god really Charles? You're talking to a HOLOCAUST survivor. Someone whose made it very clear what he thinks about the nazi's views of that EXACT THING YOU JUST SAID? And no, this isn't something I didn't like. I loved this part. It was one of the best parts of the movie. I couldn't stop laughing. Seriously. And that Never Forget line. Epic. 

But I mean really Charles? "They're only following orders?' 

Personally I wanted more of a reaction. Like. That just slipped out and he realizes he's said...the worst possible thing. I can see Xavier in his youth, letting that slip out in his sheer panic to stop Erik, and then feel guilty about how if he hadn't said that. ...there might have been a chance to save him. And that he failed his best friend in his time of need. That's an awesome story line. Incredibly sad and heartbreaking. But it makes sense. 

2. The Cameo's. Okay well first of all I liked the different mutants we got to see. I was like a little kid pointing out to my dad every time we saw them. Oh, it's Storm! Look dad, Cyclops! And  my dad was like....wait for it. 

Bam, Wolverine. XD Best.Cameo.Ever. Totally out of the blue. 

3. The creating and training of the team. It was so cool to see them learning how to use their powers. Pushing Banshie, training with Havok. Even Mystique and telling her if she didn't concentrate so hard on masking her real face, she'd be safer. All of those things were really good looks at the characters and what they were going through. It was clever, it was fun and I enjoyed it.  Maybe it's just a fangirl thing. But seeing the rough versions of Havoks suit and Banshie's wing like things. All of that was epic. 

4. Powers. The fight scenes were pretty good. Especially when Magneto was involved. I'm entirely biased because I adore Magneto and his powers. But god lord man, those were some pretty awesome scenes.

5. Charles grew up with Mystique. I liked the idea that they had that bond. I felt that was a really cool point that could have been played with a lot more. Basically his best friend runs off with his sister at the end. I mean, it really doesn't add up with the rest of the movies, but if they had added that sort of past relationship into the movies, I think it would have been better for it. So I like the possibilities for fanfic that it opens up. I want to see idea played with. 


So, yeah I liked it. Did I find a lot of things to be angry about it? Hell yes. It probably won't have the same replay value as the first two did for me. But I might rewatch it when it comes out. 

Now, fangirl stuff. I feel bad saying it. ...but I don't really ship Charles/Erik .... I just...really like the idea of them being really good friends who have to choose between friendship and their beliefs. Like they had a bromance going on. But just...romantic parts? ...Nah, just didn't work for me. 

I like Mystique/Erik to some extent. But probably later on when they're more a Brotherhood of Mutants. I was really annoyed that Moira/Charles was so....dull. Boring as hell. Were they even in a relationship? It didn't seem like they were. Maybe I read something wrong and the movie didn't have them in one. Know who I ship with Charles? ...Lilandra. Though it'd be hard to add aliens into this series. 

So now I want to see more developed fanfic, exploring new and great idea's they gave us. I'm remembering how much of an X-Men fangirl I was. And the fact that...I would have sided with Magneto if I had been a mutant in that world.  

Katie out.