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Headspace fanfic

I was half asleep last night and had an idea. 

I was half asleep tonight, and wrote it. I am sorry.

Hanging out in the Headspace

“For the last time I’M NOT STALKING HER!” Church ranted, glaring across the table at Tucker. The new episode of Red vs. Blue was out and Church was not taking it well. And as usual Tucker wasn’t helping.

“Sure…..Man maybe someone should remind her about restraining orders. That is not healthy.”

“I’m not stalking her!” He turned to look at the person sitting at the end of the table reading book. “Hey mister, you saw the episode. Tell this idiot I’m not stalking my girlfriend.”

Johan looked up over his book.  “Why me?”

Tucker rolled his eyes. “Oh sure, ask the serial killer. I’m sure he knows all about stalking.”

“Because you’re here, you saw the episode. Tell him.”

“Come on Church, haven’t you been paying attention? This guy’s got a stranger relationship then you. He’s dating his sister.”

Johan sighed. “We’re not dating.”

“You’re dating your sister?”

“His TWIN sister.”

“That’s …..” Church paused then looked over at Tucker. “Wait a minute. This is that serial killer guy? No name German?”

“I’m sitting right here.”

“Yeah. So?”

Church just looked at him and then rolled his eyes. “Yeah, I’ll let you continue to make fun of the serial killer. Have fun with that.”

“Candy?” Johan put his hand out with a smile.

“Oh I am NOT falling for that again." Tucker folded his arms and looked off in a huff. “I hate dying in here. That skeleton is creepy as hell. Plus, I have to hang out in that room with the dead people till the paperwork is done. I hate dead people.”


“Oh shut up Alpha”

“Okay, on top of not being a stalker? I am also a GHOST!”

“You keep telling yourself that.”


The argument continued the familiar ground as Tex walked over.

“Do I even want to know?”

“Same arguments, only a slight change.” Johan replied, looking back at his book. “He’s dead, you’re his girlfriend and he’s not stalking you.

“See! There he just said it! Ha, told you so.” Church stopped arguing to declare his victory.

“What? Oh come on!” Tucker looked over. “He so totally is. What else would you call it?”

“Romantic for one!”

“How the hell is stalking romantic?”

Johan just glanced over at Tex who was shaking her head.

“Idiots….oh right. Johan, your sister wanted to talk to you. She said something about a cat?”

“Oh, thank you. I’ll go and see her.” He closed the book and got up, walking towards the door with the small monster carving on it. “Good luck with them.” He was soon gone.

“See, even the guy dating his sister thinks’ you’re a freak.”

“When did he say that! Besides. He’s dating his sister, that’s creepier then trying to find your girlfriend.”

Tex sighed and sat down.

“If you two retards would stop arguing for one minute.”

“Nah, I think you have him beat for that.”


Tex shook her head and wondered if killing them would make her life easier.

“Because !”

“That’s not a fucking reason!”

“It is so!”

“RETARDS!” Tex finally got their attention as she shot her pistol in the air. It was quiet for all of two seconds.

“….the HELL was that for?”

“Gee Tex, good to know you know how to shoot a gun. We didn’t know THAT before.”

“I came over here to talk to you idiots.” Tex put her pistol away and folded her arms.  “We’re watching a movie if you wanted to watch it.”


“What movie?”

“Who do you think and I don’t know.”

“Fine.” Church got up from the table. Grabbing his drink. “But I’m not sitting next to Caboose.”

“No you’re going to try and sit by Tex and-“ Tucker was cut off as an empty pop can hit him in the head. “HEY!”

“Shut up.”

“Idiots.” Tex muttered as they walked towards the tv room.