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Portal Fanfic: Blame Stubbornness

Title: Blame Stubbornness
Fandom: Portal
Characters: Chell GLaDOS
Prompt: 23 Lovers
Word Count: 3 845
Rating: T
Summary: Trapped in the ruins of Aperture Science, GLaDOS is also trapped in a human body. And now Chell has to deal with a whole other set of worries. Chell/GLaDOS
Disclaimer Valve owns Portal, not me.
Author's Notes: There will be an actual back story to how they got in this mess.

To the storyCollapse )

Portal Sentences

 Fandom: Portal
Pairing: GLaDOS/Chell
Theme set: Epsilon 
Warnings: Spoilers for Portal 2, AU’s, run on sentences, death threats, run on sentences, punctuation abuse, different AU’s....

When life gives you lemons, burn lifes house downCollapse )



Monster FST: Johan and Anna

I Am You and You Are MeCollapse )
Feel free to comment with any suggestions. 



Portal: Thoughts

Just some random Portal story I wrote today.


GLaDOS Collapse )



Hooray! I got my first real HMD complaint!

[Why yes I am insane thank you for asking]

Anyway. Apparently I've been playing GLaDOS too, safe and bland. Which I can see. She does seem very nice and safe and un-GLaDOS like now that I look at it. ....failure goes to me there.

Anyway....again.  I'm going to play Portal again tomorrow. If I can kick my brother off the x-box I mean. And add more of GLaDOS's thoughts to her posts so people don't think she's really like that as I've been trying to have her trick people into thinking she's normal. Apparently that's working too well?...or at least I'm doing it wrong.

If anyone has any thoughts on how I could improve GLaDOS. Much appreciated.

Portal One Sentence. Crossposted.

Fandom: Portal
Pairing: GLaDOS/Chell
Theme set: Delta
Title: So Happy For You
Notes: Contians, AU’s, run on sentences, death threats, run on sentences, punctuation abuse, different AU’s....  


A Bitter Unlikeable LomerCollapse )

Hell Girl Icons

This is what I do on vacation. Stay in the cottage and work on making icons. Well more like find a way to actually put them anywhere. Just a bunch of Jigoku Shouju icons from various pictures and fan art. I have about 100 more but I'm dividing them up for now.

PicturesCollapse )
If anyone wants to take them, please don't hotlink and remember to give me credit. :) Thank you.

Why yes I should be writing

I write like
Harry Harrison

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....I didn't even know who that was.