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"The World is Quiet Here"

abba, agatha christie, ai enma, alice in wonderland, anti-twilight, aperture science, artemis fowl, asexuality, avatar the last airbender, axis powers hetalia, batman, blue team, books, british history, broadway productions, caboose, cake, canada, canadian politics, childrin r skary, chocolate, church, church/tex, classical music, comic books, comics, corner gas, dark oracle, dc, deadpool, discworld, disney, doc, donut, dr horrible's blog, dracula, drawing, enma ai, fairly odd parents, fan fiction, fanart, fanfiction, fantasy, fruits basket, futurama, glados, good omens, grif, halo, hell girl, history, history bites, horrible histories, immortal rain, jervis tetch, jigoku shoujo, kim possible, kotor, labyrinth, lemony snicket, libraries, linkara, marvel, monk, monster, monty python, mythbusters, mythology, nanowrimo, ncis, neil gaiman, oz books, pans labyrinth, phantom of the opera, piano, pirates of the caribbean, platonic alucard&seras, platonic walter&integra, portal, posion, question, ranting, reading, real vampires, red eye, red vs. blue, royal canadian air farce, rp, sarcasm, sarge, scary religious movies, series of unfortunate events, sheila, shipping, silent hill games, simmons, sims 2, sir integra wingates hellsing, sleep, snow days, sorting, spaceballs, spamalot, spiderman, spriggs, star wars, stephin merritt, still alive, sunshine, teen titans, terry pratchett, tex, the future bible heroes, the historian, the magnetic fields, the matrix, the mummy, the muppet show, the tudors, the victorians, tucker, v for vendetta, vampires, video games, vlad tepes, weasel, when curiosity met insanity, wicked, writing, x-files, x-men